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May – bit of a disappointment.

May 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


If you have been keeping up with events here, you will know that I collected an estimated 14000 slides from the RCTS storage facility with the aim of scanning and presenting them for display and sale on my website.

So far I have processed about 3300 images to the state where they can be presented on my website.

They are mainly here (slides as well as prints available) ; here (BR Loco Collection) ; here (BR Units Collection) as well as some rescued from a really bad batch. (not great compositions – but some interesting historic shots from the late 60’s, including Manchester DC units, North and South)

And that was the disappointment. I have to admit that my camera skills are limited – fortunately those of my contributors aren’t and there are some truly great pictures on my site.

But a large part of the 14000 slides came from one, or possibly a few, individuals who seemed to delight in taking pictures whilst hanging out of train windows, or through several panes of glass at the front of DMUs. Even worse the subject matter was extremely nondescript – one might even say boring. So using my discretion I have consigned about 7000 slides back to storage and will return them to the RCTS who will send them to an auction house.

For the rest (guessing about 3500) I have scanned about 1000 and my scanners is permanently on whilst I do other things (like write this). Over the coming weeks I will get these up on the website – so keep checking back.

If you have any general queries or want to contribute any images then get in touch.



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