TOPticl Digital Memories | April - "bending time"

April - "bending time"

May 01, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

The arrival of 14000 pictures from the RCTS Archive has really given me a lot to do. So how do I do it? I “bend” time that’s how:-
Just look at an average day with TOPticl.- ( )
I spend about 7 hours in bed. I have a "regular" job and I must spend seven and a half hours there, with an additional hour and a half commute. A couple of hours eating relaxing, watching TV and other family time. Then I spend about 12 hours doing TOPticl stuff - scanning and cataloguing pictures, preparing photos for sale and printing and packaging items sold as well as all the website and admin associated with a total stock of 35,000 pictures (growing all the time). Do the maths that's 30 hours a day.
Einstein was wrong - you can stretch time here on Earth
Even in my expanded time zone I still have a long way to go. The first 2000 of the “new” RCTS pictures are here - - But also included is more from Roger Hateley’’s excellent collections. The very latest are here and keep checking for more in the Latest Additions pages.



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