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February - dark and dismal

February 14, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

I dislike winters - particularly the damp and dismal ones like we are currently experiencing.

Back in 1969-70 I spent 4 months on a training course in the Stoke-on-Trent area. We were picked up by a mini-bus and ferried to the course and taken back to our digs each evening. Throughout the time I don't think I ever saw real daylight as it was always dark when we were in transit and the course location had few windows. Still working for the same company - but at least I sit next to a window here :-)

Anyway this was the first morning that I have arrived at work in daylight - so summer ca't be far away.

But to keep me cheerful - here is the February email I have been sending out.


Now over 23,000 railway, and other transport pictures on-line on the TOPticl website
I have recently processed about 8000 slides from the RCTS Archive. Very few details were provided. A few had details written on the slide holder and many (but by no means all) had the processing date etched on the slide. I have managed to categorise 90% of these slides, and they appear at appropriate places on 
my site. However the last 10% (750 slides) are yet to be sorted. I am putting them up in the Latest Additions section until I get more information and more time to look at each picture in detail. So look there for some surprises and maybe help with some identification. Prints or digital downloads, and remastered slides are available as standard. But I still have the original slides of most of these - so if that is what interests you then please get in contact.
Having reached this stage with the RCTS slides I will have a bit of time on my hands so why not look at my 
Restoration pages and send me some of your photos for “the treatment”. Remember my prices are stupidly cheap and you may even get most of your money back if you let me sell copies on my site.


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