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September rushes by - web site revamped & 1600 new pictures

September 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Faced with a new batch of 3000 slides and several smaller collections I decided it was time to tidy up my behind the scenes systems. So I have spent some time doing an internal reorganisation and I have removed and re-uploaded all the pictures on this site. The look and feel is still very much the same but the internal structure makes my admin a bit easier. What do you think? Any suggestions for improvements will be carefully considered.

The reorganisation meant that all the pictures in the Latest Additions were moved to their proper places and thus it left me able to upload some of the latest batch in their place - so a quick link to these is here.

The 1600 new pictures have a mainly Scottish theme - lots of stuff from the 70's and 80's. Some Class 06 shunters and the short lived Clayton Class 17, as well as new HST's making their first appearances north of the border, plus lots of day to day workings.

There are also some shots of the last days of the Westerns (Class 52) plus the usual assortment.

Now that I have got to grips with my new structures hopefully future additions will flow a bit more easily.

So hopefully soon to come will be that last of this big batch (about 500 slides) - then I have 2 or 3 batches from my "ship guy" - Canada and Turkey being his latest submission. Then a further 400 slides - not even had time to take a peek. And then I have some stunning albums from a guy sadly no longer with us, but I have been promised his hard drive which means I don't have to scan.



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