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Busy, Busy, Holiday, Busy

June 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

June is nearly over. How time flies.

At the end of May and into June my latest contributor sent over lots of shipping photos, you can see them under the Latest Additions tab.

I also managed to sort out the remnants of the RCTS batch I received earlier this year. These are also on the Latest Additions tab under the May uploads - Europe and Switzerland.

Not much information was received with these slides so details are a little sparse. I have had a couple of offers of help, but if anyone else can contribute details I will be grateful.

Then a week off - flew to Nice and then took the train to hop across Italy to Venice. Photo opportunities a little limited, both by time and my skill but I may upload a few when I get a chance.

Then it is back to it - I collected a large batch of slides from the RCTS just before I went away. I am told there are about 4000 slides (but my guess is nearer 3000). I will tell you the final count when I eventually get them sorted.

I will start the process of uploading these pictures as I get through them. So keep an eye on the Latest Additions tab once more.

Early results show lots of 80's stuff - again details are sparse, so I will be looking for identification details.



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