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Now you can see the Latest

April 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

March was a very busy few weeks for my digitising business (, over 1000 pictures received and most are now processed.

But it meant that I had to neglect this site a little.

Well I have now processed and catalogued over half of the March input, so I can start to get them available here for you to view (and buy :-).

To give you an opportunity to see just the latest pictures, I have created a "Latest Additions" page - see the menu at the top left of the home screen.

I will continue to add pictures to the Latest Additions throughout April - then maybe I will get a chance to move them to their proper places.

There is a distinct Scottish flavour to these additions. Lots of historic shots from the 60's and 70's, particularly of the closure of stations and lines that occurred around the time of Beeching.

The only new pictures that i have moved directly to the proper places are the continuing contribution of our Isle of Man resident. If you find the International Modern pages under "Heavy Rail" you will find his expanding contribution - plus a few in the appropriate Steam section. Not too many yet so easy to browse.

If you have a collection of pictures you would like to see in these pages then please get in touch.



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