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Class 37

February 16, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The Class 37 is an interesting and long lived set of locomotives.

The first of the 309 locomotives built was delivered in 1960. All but one (D6983) were renumbered into the TOPS system and over the years much renumbering occurred due to conversions and other changes. So from a spotting point of view there have been some 842 different numbers to collect as well as a very interesting array of Liveries, name and other adornments.

 As a rail enthusiast I have never had a particular favourite, so I was as eager to see a Class 37 as any other form of locomotive or unit. But of course that isn’t true of everyone, and one of my regular customers for my digitising business ( is a complete “37 nut”.

Adding his collection to the others on my website (follow the NEW Photos link) means that I have well over a thousand photos of this Class for sale in various formats.


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