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Almost Christmas

December 18, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

December started with a flurry of orders for my processing service. Got them completed and delivered back to their owners.

All the customer admin completed, but one of the orders was just a batch of negatives with no accompanying details, so waiting for the photographer to look at the digital copies and give me some details - so much easier to view them on a screen than to try holding the negative up to the light.

However as usual from this guy some really nice shots. So I am uploading what I can to my Latest Additions area - as is. Then when the details come in I can update these pictures and move them to there proper place.


Also - from another photographer - a new category for me - "Road vehicles" - I have buses but this batch is from an early run of the Trans Pennine Vintage Commercial Vehicles Run so buses and other commercial vehicles. If you look at the pictures you will see these vintage vehicles driving along the A658 amongst "modern" traffic - but all of those cars would now be considered "vintage" themselves - so a double hit for any enthusiast of such transport.

Any comments welcome - to view this new gallery look here


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