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October uploads and a "new" 35mm slide option

October 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

October nearly over and the supermarkets are stocking up for Christmas (baa humbug!!!).

Just completed the latest batch of 1000 slides and uploaded them to the Latest Additions. A heavy Scottish bias once again. This time it's all about the late 80's and early 90's, so lots of the new Sectorisation liveries.

The previous batch of slides has been selling well on eBay - the original slides that is, so there are obviously many people out there who like the format of the original 35mm slide. But once I have sold the original the only option is print or digital download.

Well, I intend to change that. I want to start offering brand new 35mm slides taken from the old ones. This means a nice clean slide holder and a crisp and restored image - no dirt, no fungus and no fingerprints, and if the original was badly composed or badly lit, then the new one will be "improved" to the best of mt skills.

To test the water I am going to offer this "new slide" service to anyone who reads this and requests more details - so please get in touch if you want a physical 35mm slide of ANY picture and we can discuss the options.

Once I establish the demand I will offer this on my standard pricelist


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