TOPticl Digital Memories: Blog en-us TOPticl Digital Memories (TOPticl Digital Memories) Wed, 29 Dec 2021 10:54:00 GMT Wed, 29 Dec 2021 10:54:00 GMT 2021 is almost over - what a horrible year I know that 2021 - like 2020 - has been a dreadful year for the whole world. But for me it was doubly dreadful. Nothing to do with Covid. In February my entire stock of images was removed and several other related events meant that 2021 was a complete write off. In the end all proved to be a big mistake and my images and my life have been restored.

So this website is up and running once more, though it may take me some time to get back to business as usual.

2021 was also the year I stopped using eBay to sell me images. Their change of payment methods and the related pricing policy have made it totally uneconomic to sell there.

So now this is the only place to get my images. All the old ones are back, and despite everything I managed to add a fair number to my collection in 2021, so I can now spend some time uploading these new ones here.

I'll tell you more in 2022 - let's hope it doesn't turn out to be Twenty twenty TOO 



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Summer 2020  

Well over a year since I wrote anything here.

I’m not much of a writer so I tend to put off this chore, and as always, I have been super busy.

Of course, the world is now a very different place and we are all waiting for the “new normal”.

The company I work for has just declared that in the new world that working from home will be the default for all staff. I’d been trying to encourage them in that direction for years but it took a global pandemic to prove me right.

On the TOPticl scene there are now 53,000+ images on this website. I have also started a new project to try and find a picture of every BR diesel and electric loco in its various number identities. I am looking for the 1948 number, the D/E number and the TOPS number of every loco, where applicable. This is a private project as many of the images come from copyrighted sources, so I can’t share them here. But I would be interested to hear from anyone with a similar aim.

And as always I am always looking for collections to digitise. It is amazing how good the image taken from a negative or slide looks on a 60inch screen.


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(Catch up) Christmas 2018 I have just realised that I have not added my regular email "news bulletins" here (must try harder!!). SO I am now adding some highlights from previous emails - which should have been in this blog: Here is one from December last year:


By the time you read this Christmas – the main event – will be over. I hope you had a happy and relaxing time with your loved ones. I also hope that 2019 brings you peace and happiness.
It has been an eventful year at TOPticl Towers. I have received and processed over fifteen and a half thousand images.  In total over 42 thousand images have passed through my hands in the last ten years and most of them are available to you on my website.
To round the year off I am sorting through the last few pictures from the two main collections I have processed this year.
A batch of negatives from the Rail Blue era and an assorted set of 35mm slides which date back to the 60’s. Amongst these there are some pictures taken on the Isle of Wight in the days of steam, some shots taken in Belgium – again of steam locomotives, and some beautiful shots of the Isle of Man steam locomotives.
I have not quite finished sorting through this end of batch set, so more will be added to this page over the coming days.
But once that is done I will have lots of spare capacity. So if you have often thought about digitising your collection. But never got around to it – then let me help. My rates are very reasonable and it maybe that I can do it for no upfront cost if you allow me to sell copies here. Just get in touch.

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Not quite sure what you want? From my point of view this website is great. It shows all my pictures and people can browse and add pictures to their Cart and pay immediately. All I need to do is package up the pictures and send them off - simple.

But what if you are not quite sure and you want to discuss before you actually pay. Well that is pretty easy too.

 Login – it is best to register then anything you have put in your cart is remembered if you have to go away and come back!!

Registering is free and doesn't commit you to anything.
Choose some pictures and Add them to your Cart. Then View your Cart – but don’t pay!!
On the cart screen is a “Share you cart” option at the top of the screen. Click there and a pop-up appears on which there is an option to “Share cart with TOPticl Digital Memories”.
Pick that option and click on the Share cart button (at the bottom). I will get a copy of your request and I can then we can discuss any options.

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October blues October is nearly over and the dark nights (and mornings) are with us once again. It looks like last weekend was the end of summer. I spent the weekend National Trust “bashing” in Kent and Surrey. Clear blue skies and temperatures still in the 20’s. Remarkably the rose gardens were still in full bloom and the scent was still strong and heady.

But the heating kicked in yesterday morning so time to wrap up warm for the months ahead.

I finished the bulk of the loose photos I had been given (almost exactly 6000 prints). Next on the list are about 20 albums which I will have to take apart to scan the pictures (many of the album pages have lost their “sticky” – but the residue on the back causes havoc with the scanner – so these will take a while. L

I think I am going to postpone this job and I have now received a collection of slides and negatives. Many featuring shunters! A bit more interesting and less use of cleaner to keep the scanner pristine.

All of the (6000) print images are now up on the website (here & here) and I will start to add the shunter pics in the latest additions as soon as I can.

The website is getting a bit untidy so I am going to also try and rearrange things into a more logical order. Of course the best way to find anything is to use the Search button (top right on the screens).

Whilst I am sorting out the images you may see some double hits with images in two different locations. Once I have sorted it all out this duplication should disappear.

Finally, this latest batch has several hundred negatives. Not had a chance to inspect them, but I am curious if anyone collects negatives? My preference is for digital images, but lots of people still prefer slides – so does anyone collect negatives? If so get in touch and I’ll send you details when I get around to examining these negatives.


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Bending Time (II) to bring you more railway pictures. If you were paying attention you will know that I received 6000 photos in early August to add to my existing collection of over 30,000 images.

Here is what I do with each photo to add it to my collection.

Firstly I scan it to the highest possible resolution. I always scan over-large so as not to miss any details on the edge of the image. Then I crop and tidy up the scan to ensure everything is visible. Next I add all the details of subject, location and date to my database. I add identification to the image and file it away. I then prepare two thumbnail images for use for display on the various outlets, adding appropriate watermarks. I then restore the image to remove blemishes and adjust the image if the original lighting is poor. Finally I make duplicate copies both on my computer and “in the cloud” to insure against loss. All of this takes a minimum of 15 minutes per image, often longer.

So that’s 4 images an hour. Say I work flat out for 10 hours a day. It is 40 days since I got these photos, so I should have done 1600 by now.

I have actually done 3750. I’ll leave you to wonder how I do it.

But if you want to see these images look here and here and I will keep adding here until all 6000 are uploaded.

At the moment if you select a 6x4 image you only get the option to buy the actual print for a bargain 49p. I will try and update this to give you more options soon. But in the meantime if you want the image in other formats get in touch.

And of course all my other pictures are available on my site and various auction site. Follow the links below

Geoff Corner

(aka TOPSie; aka TOPticl)


Thousands of photos processed and for sale on EBID and Delcampe

(use these links to begin your search)

NEW!! website

also on  Facebook &  Twitter



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Better way to search and more places to buy Searching for pictures on the TOPticl web site.

A few people have pointed out that they have difficulty finding pictures on my website. So here are some hints on the best way to search.

Firstly it is not totally obvious how to start a search. All of my pages have search box next to a little magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner. I have made this box more visible. Now you can type your search and you will get a set of thumbnail results.

If you select one of the thumbnail pictures a bigger version of the picture appears with all the buying options.

That’s great if this is the one you want but if you want to scroll through all the “hits” it is not so simple. On the big picture you have selected you will find left and right arrows. It is reasonable to assume that these arrows will move you to the next “hit” in your search. But unfortunately this not the case. Let’s assume you searched for “Gateshead”, you select a picture of an A4. Once you select the big picture you are now in the set of A4’s so the left/right arrows will move you through the set of A4’s, wherever they are located. So the next shot may be of York or Kings Cross not Gateshead.

The best way of looking through your search selections, once you have selected a big picture is to use the browser back button (top left hand corner of your browser screen on all the popular browsers)– and this will return you to the search thumbnail page, where you can make another selection. There is a back button on the large photo page, also top left – but don’t use this, use the very top back button for the browser.

Other places to buy photos from TOPticl.

Most of you will be familiar with eBay. It is by far the largest auction site. I have been selling my photos on eBay for over ten years now. But it is not always the easiest or most pleasant place to sell.

eBay is expensive and very strict in the way it does business and being so large it tends to be inhuman. You either follow the rules or get out, without any appeal, seems to be its way of operating. All well and good and I follow the rules but it is very restrictive. For example it is completely pointless to try and set up more than 100 auctions a day – if I did then I would make a substantial loss giving far more to eBay in fees than I receive in revenue for my sales. But I stick with it as it has a vast number of potential buyers.

But there are alternatives and one of them is ebid. Here I can auction all my photos without restriction and because the ebid fees are lower I can pass on the saving to my customers – so you pay less. And as there are fewer people  ebid you have got less chance of ending up in a bidding war.

So why not give ebid a try. There are other sellers of railway pictures there too!! So lots of choice.


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August – just so many new pictures. I managed to finish the scanning of the RCTS Archive material I picked up in March. The total number of pictures is 8520 – still a small number to do.

All but 2000 are fully catalogued and on my website. But last week I received about 6000 prints from another source, so I have set these 2000 aside for now and started processing these prints.

The prints are from the late 80’s and into the 90’s covering the conversion from Rail Blue into sectorisation and the early privatisation – so a very colourful set of prints indeed. I am able to sell the original prints as they are in very good condition and of course I am scanning them all to ensure that the full range of formats is available for all of these excellent pictures.

Also I received my monthly copy of The Railway Observer from the RCTS and I note that they have a special membership offer. If you join now then membership is free for the rest of 2018.

Take a look here ( If you like what you see then follow the links to take up this offer. If you do I would be very interested, so please let me know ( I might get some brownie points for helping with the recruitment drive J


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July - back from the sun - to the sun Just returned from 19 days in Crete to find that England has been experiencing similar temperatures. But of course it is not the same. For a start there is no pool to dip into if you get too hot, plus there is all the necessary activities of just living and working which were mainly forgotten whilst on holiday.

Anyway "back to the grind" as they say.

Whilst I was away my apprentice continued the scanning process and I now have over 4000 pictures waiting in the wings.

As these are all slides from the RCTS Archive I will load them here over the coming weeks so keep checking as this collection will grow as I finish the cataloguing process.

This batch of slides will mean that I have over 33,000 pictures on this site. Most are keyed with the subject (e.g.loco number) and location so use the search (magnifying glass top right hand corner - sometimes a bit fiddly to find) to look for something of particular interest.


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May – bit of a disappointment.  

If you have been keeping up with events here, you will know that I collected an estimated 14000 slides from the RCTS storage facility with the aim of scanning and presenting them for display and sale on my website.

So far I have processed about 3300 images to the state where they can be presented on my website.

They are mainly here (slides as well as prints available) ; here (BR Loco Collection) ; here (BR Units Collection) as well as some rescued from a really bad batch. (not great compositions – but some interesting historic shots from the late 60’s, including Manchester DC units, North and South)

And that was the disappointment. I have to admit that my camera skills are limited – fortunately those of my contributors aren’t and there are some truly great pictures on my site.

But a large part of the 14000 slides came from one, or possibly a few, individuals who seemed to delight in taking pictures whilst hanging out of train windows, or through several panes of glass at the front of DMUs. Even worse the subject matter was extremely nondescript – one might even say boring. So using my discretion I have consigned about 7000 slides back to storage and will return them to the RCTS who will send them to an auction house.

For the rest (guessing about 3500) I have scanned about 1000 and my scanners is permanently on whilst I do other things (like write this). Over the coming weeks I will get these up on the website – so keep checking back.

If you have any general queries or want to contribute any images then get in touch.


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April - "bending time" The arrival of 14000 pictures from the RCTS Archive has really given me a lot to do. So how do I do it? I “bend” time that’s how:-
Just look at an average day with TOPticl.- ( )
I spend about 7 hours in bed. I have a "regular" job and I must spend seven and a half hours there, with an additional hour and a half commute. A couple of hours eating relaxing, watching TV and other family time. Then I spend about 12 hours doing TOPticl stuff - scanning and cataloguing pictures, preparing photos for sale and printing and packaging items sold as well as all the website and admin associated with a total stock of 35,000 pictures (growing all the time). Do the maths that's 30 hours a day.
Einstein was wrong - you can stretch time here on Earth
Even in my expanded time zone I still have a long way to go. The first 2000 of the “new” RCTS pictures are here - - But also included is more from Roger Hateley’’s excellent collections. The very latest are here and keep checking for more in the Latest Additions pages.


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March - The Beast from the East On Thursday 1st March the Beast from the East was blanketing Northern England and Scotland in ice and snow, Storm Emma was doing the same to South West and Southern England.
The weather map showed most of the country covered by yellow and red weather warnings, except for a corridor from Merseyside to southern East Anglia.
So I set off to the RCTS storage facility in Northampton and returned safely with a boot full of assorted boxes, binders and cases.
Many of the containers had not even had a rough count performed, so my first task was to give the RCTS a rough estimate of numbers.
My “guess” is that I now have about 14000 pictures, and my task is to scan and catalogue them.
The pictures have been initially designated into two categories. One category is for pictures which will be assessed for inclusion in the main RCTS Archive. The other category is called “for disposal”.
I have an issue with the term “disposal” – but that is a semantic discussion I will have one day with the RCTS Committee.
However I am taking them at their word and all of these will be given my “treatment” and offered for sale through the outlets I control.
I have already put 9000 similar pictures through my process. I think you may be interested in the next 14000 – or some of them at least.
So here is what I am doing:-
Each picture is scanned to a very high resolution. The scan is briefly examined and adjusted to ensure it is viewable. The details of the subject matter, from visual inspection and my knowledge, along with any accompanying details (writing on the slide holder) are all entered in my database. Various tweaks and adjustments are made to allow upload to my websites etc. For one picture this only takes a few minutes, but when we are talking about 14000 then the months ahead will be filled with this activity.
I am going to start a scheme whereby I upload details of these slides as I process batches of them.
They will appear here RCTS Slides on this page you will be able to buy the original slide or a copy of the picture in various formats. If you want a different size or format just let me know.
This page currently has 760 images, maybe more by the time you read this but it will be regularly updated – so keep checking back.
These are in addition to the 23000+ images already on the website – have a browse and see what you can find


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February - dark and dismal I dislike winters - particularly the damp and dismal ones like we are currently experiencing.

Back in 1969-70 I spent 4 months on a training course in the Stoke-on-Trent area. We were picked up by a mini-bus and ferried to the course and taken back to our digs each evening. Throughout the time I don't think I ever saw real daylight as it was always dark when we were in transit and the course location had few windows. Still working for the same company - but at least I sit next to a window here :-)

Anyway this was the first morning that I have arrived at work in daylight - so summer ca't be far away.

But to keep me cheerful - here is the February email I have been sending out.


Now over 23,000 railway, and other transport pictures on-line on the TOPticl website
I have recently processed about 8000 slides from the RCTS Archive. Very few details were provided. A few had details written on the slide holder and many (but by no means all) had the processing date etched on the slide. I have managed to categorise 90% of these slides, and they appear at appropriate places on 
my site. However the last 10% (750 slides) are yet to be sorted. I am putting them up in the Latest Additions section until I get more information and more time to look at each picture in detail. So look there for some surprises and maybe help with some identification. Prints or digital downloads, and remastered slides are available as standard. But I still have the original slides of most of these - so if that is what interests you then please get in contact.
Having reached this stage with the RCTS slides I will have a bit of time on my hands so why not look at my 
Restoration pages and send me some of your photos for “the treatment”. Remember my prices are stupidly cheap and you may even get most of your money back if you let me sell copies on my site.

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Wed, 14 Feb 2018 10:27:08 GMT
Photo restoration TOPticl Digital Memories is now in its tenth year and I have processed over 20,000 pictures sent to me by people wishing to preserve their photos and memories.

Most pictures are in good condition, but they also show signs of wear and deterioration. And often the ones in the worst condition are the favourites - as those are the ones most likely to have been handled the most.

My job has been to restore the photos to their original state (or better) and provide a future proof and secure digital copy. Not only is it easy to make duplicates I also store every photo here in multiple locations, so even of you lose your copies I can provide another.

If you want to save your collection before the fungus and damp gets to it then let me preserve it for you.

See the Restoration page on this site for some examples of the sort of thing I can do.

Look here and here for details of the service I provide, and get in touch.

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Almost Christmas December started with a flurry of orders for my processing service. Got them completed and delivered back to their owners.

All the customer admin completed, but one of the orders was just a batch of negatives with no accompanying details, so waiting for the photographer to look at the digital copies and give me some details - so much easier to view them on a screen than to try holding the negative up to the light.

However as usual from this guy some really nice shots. So I am uploading what I can to my Latest Additions area - as is. Then when the details come in I can update these pictures and move them to there proper place.


Also - from another photographer - a new category for me - "Road vehicles" - I have buses but this batch is from an early run of the Trans Pennine Vintage Commercial Vehicles Run so buses and other commercial vehicles. If you look at the pictures you will see these vintage vehicles driving along the A658 amongst "modern" traffic - but all of those cars would now be considered "vintage" themselves - so a double hit for any enthusiast of such transport.

Any comments welcome - to view this new gallery look here

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December rushes in Another year dashes by - almost Christmas - I swear it happens twice a year, it certainly seems like it.

The only visible signs of change here has been the addition of about 100 ship photos from my Isle of Man correspondent. He really is a globe trotter, scenes from New Zealand via Dubai and some shots nearer to home from the Benelux area.

Other than that I have been busy processing photos for people who want to keep their collection private. That is their choice and I am happy to respect their wishes.

If you have lots of photos you want me to digitise I am more than happy to help. It is your decision whether the pictures go public (and earn you a little money!)


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October uploads and a "new" 35mm slide option October nearly over and the supermarkets are stocking up for Christmas (baa humbug!!!).

Just completed the latest batch of 1000 slides and uploaded them to the Latest Additions. A heavy Scottish bias once again. This time it's all about the late 80's and early 90's, so lots of the new Sectorisation liveries.

The previous batch of slides has been selling well on eBay - the original slides that is, so there are obviously many people out there who like the format of the original 35mm slide. But once I have sold the original the only option is print or digital download.

Well, I intend to change that. I want to start offering brand new 35mm slides taken from the old ones. This means a nice clean slide holder and a crisp and restored image - no dirt, no fungus and no fingerprints, and if the original was badly composed or badly lit, then the new one will be "improved" to the best of mt skills.

To test the water I am going to offer this "new slide" service to anyone who reads this and requests more details - so please get in touch if you want a physical 35mm slide of ANY picture and we can discuss the options.

Once I establish the demand I will offer this on my standard pricelist

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September rushes by - web site revamped & 1600 new pictures Faced with a new batch of 3000 slides and several smaller collections I decided it was time to tidy up my behind the scenes systems. So I have spent some time doing an internal reorganisation and I have removed and re-uploaded all the pictures on this site. The look and feel is still very much the same but the internal structure makes my admin a bit easier. What do you think? Any suggestions for improvements will be carefully considered.

The reorganisation meant that all the pictures in the Latest Additions were moved to their proper places and thus it left me able to upload some of the latest batch in their place - so a quick link to these is here.

The 1600 new pictures have a mainly Scottish theme - lots of stuff from the 70's and 80's. Some Class 06 shunters and the short lived Clayton Class 17, as well as new HST's making their first appearances north of the border, plus lots of day to day workings.

There are also some shots of the last days of the Westerns (Class 52) plus the usual assortment.

Now that I have got to grips with my new structures hopefully future additions will flow a bit more easily.

So hopefully soon to come will be that last of this big batch (about 500 slides) - then I have 2 or 3 batches from my "ship guy" - Canada and Turkey being his latest submission. Then a further 400 slides - not even had time to take a peek. And then I have some stunning albums from a guy sadly no longer with us, but I have been promised his hard drive which means I don't have to scan.


]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Thu, 28 Sep 2017 09:37:15 GMT
September discount month Back from my holidays nice and relaxed. My in-tray is bulging, I reckon I have about 4000 pictures to process and categorise and then load up on to this site.

It's going to take a while as my admin system is groaning under the strain and needs a revamp.

It will take me a few weeks to get all this organised. So while you are waiting I thought I'd give you all a treat and I have lowered all my prices by 10%.

A limited offer as I will put the prices back up when I have finished my updates - so get in quick.

I'll let everyone know when the new photos are on-line, but if you check back regularly you may some before the "grand opening"


]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Tue, 12 Sep 2017 15:58:30 GMT
July - Part One Back from a week in Italy - coast to coast (Rapello to Venice) via train. Even the one day strike by rail workers failed to spoil it.

Took a few pictures which may appear here eventually, but much more to do first.

I am ploughing through the 3000+ slides I picked up just before my holiday, still a long way to go, but I thought you would all like to see at least some of them. So I intend to put up the first 800 or so in the next couple of days.

The slides all seem to be the work of one guy - looks like he was based in the South West as Exeter St Davids features heavily. But he also travelled a fair amount and liked the tram systems and preserved railways in Western Europe.

Unfortunately virtually none of the slides have any information apart from the date of processing stamped by the slide producer, so I have done a bit of research from the actual pictures (but if anyone can help extra information is always welcome)

For now I will upload into the Latest Additions area of the website where there will be 5 new galleries (UK Locos; UK units; Europe (old and new); HST (because I can!!) and O&S)

Not there yet - but soon

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Wed, 12 Jul 2017 09:51:32 GMT
Busy, Busy, Holiday, Busy June is nearly over. How time flies.

At the end of May and into June my latest contributor sent over lots of shipping photos, you can see them under the Latest Additions tab.

I also managed to sort out the remnants of the RCTS batch I received earlier this year. These are also on the Latest Additions tab under the May uploads - Europe and Switzerland.

Not much information was received with these slides so details are a little sparse. I have had a couple of offers of help, but if anyone else can contribute details I will be grateful.

Then a week off - flew to Nice and then took the train to hop across Italy to Venice. Photo opportunities a little limited, both by time and my skill but I may upload a few when I get a chance.

Then it is back to it - I collected a large batch of slides from the RCTS just before I went away. I am told there are about 4000 slides (but my guess is nearer 3000). I will tell you the final count when I eventually get them sorted.

I will start the process of uploading these pictures as I get through them. So keep an eye on the Latest Additions tab once more.

Early results show lots of 80's stuff - again details are sparse, so I will be looking for identification details.


]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Mon, 26 Jun 2017 09:48:46 GMT
Now you can see the Latest March was a very busy few weeks for my digitising business (, over 1000 pictures received and most are now processed.

But it meant that I had to neglect this site a little.

Well I have now processed and catalogued over half of the March input, so I can start to get them available here for you to view (and buy :-).

To give you an opportunity to see just the latest pictures, I have created a "Latest Additions" page - see the menu at the top left of the home screen.

I will continue to add pictures to the Latest Additions throughout April - then maybe I will get a chance to move them to their proper places.

There is a distinct Scottish flavour to these additions. Lots of historic shots from the 60's and 70's, particularly of the closure of stations and lines that occurred around the time of Beeching.

The only new pictures that i have moved directly to the proper places are the continuing contribution of our Isle of Man resident. If you find the International Modern pages under "Heavy Rail" you will find his expanding contribution - plus a few in the appropriate Steam section. Not too many yet so easy to browse.

If you have a collection of pictures you would like to see in these pages then please get in touch.


]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Wed, 05 Apr 2017 10:02:14 GMT
Mad March A very interesting few weeks for my digitising business (, over 1000 pictures added.

But first a question:- What do you do if you are a railway enthusiast who lives on the Isle of Man?

By dint of geography your options are limited at home, so the answer is – You travel the world!

And that exactly what my latest contributor has done. So far he has sent me pictures of railways in Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia as well as some lovely shots of the Isle of Man railway.

Only a few so far, but he is building up a head of steam J and more will be added frequently. He has also promised pictures of shipping and other transport – which all fits in well with my overall policy.

Second contribution is a set of 120 Class 47 pictures, all from 1990 to 1992. This was an interesting era as the BR Corporate Blue livery gave way to the various sector liveries such as Intercity, Railfreight, Regional Railways etc. Most of these liveries are well represented in this collection.

And lastly for this update over 1000 pictures from the RCTS Archive. Still sorting through these, but lots of diesel stuff from the 70’s – both pre- and post-TOPS. A large collection in Europe, mainly Switzerland and much more – it’s going to take me a while to get this set properly catalogued  so keep checking back to here and see what you can find

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Mon, 13 Mar 2017 09:57:38 GMT
Class 37 The Class 37 is an interesting and long lived set of locomotives.

The first of the 309 locomotives built was delivered in 1960. All but one (D6983) were renumbered into the TOPS system and over the years much renumbering occurred due to conversions and other changes. So from a spotting point of view there have been some 842 different numbers to collect as well as a very interesting array of Liveries, name and other adornments.

 As a rail enthusiast I have never had a particular favourite, so I was as eager to see a Class 37 as any other form of locomotive or unit. But of course that isn’t true of everyone, and one of my regular customers for my digitising business ( is a complete “37 nut”.

Adding his collection to the others on my website (follow the NEW Photos link) means that I have well over a thousand photos of this Class for sale in various formats.

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Thu, 16 Feb 2017 12:59:53 GMT
More "pre-owned" Following on from my last post. I am still working on the pre-owned Prints section (500 uploaded but still more to come), but I have also uploaded a large number of 35mm slides into their own gallery in the Pre-owned section.

These are all available to purchase - a cheaper price than I ask for on eBay. It will need a bit of careful management to remove slides from this section if they are purchased. Each slide is unique, so I can only sell the physical slide once, but I retain the scan so prints or digital files can be made available of the image if the actual slide is not the sole purpose of the purchase.

So far there are almost 1800 slides available - and I am promised another 500 this week. It will take me a little time to process and catalogue these but keep checking back

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Mon, 30 Jan 2017 08:07:00 GMT
Another New Year 2017 is already well under way. They come round so fast.

As ever I am still busy scanning and restoring images for my many customers. But I have realised that some of my customers and I have acquired lots of prints, slides and negatives that are now surplus to requirements – they are all now readily available as digital images, far more accessible.

But computers and screens are not for everyone. Many people still like the touch and feel of “real” photos, and many still crave for the 35mm slide format.

So to satisfy such people I am making these “hard” pictures available under the “Pre-Owned” section of my website.

Initially I am uploading a large batch of 6x4 prints. I am only offering prints which are as “near new” as possible, rejecting any torn, creased or damaged images (these will find their way into my main sections when I have restored them.)

Most prints will have writing or labels on the back from their former owners. Some will even have copyright statements. I always respect copyright statements and never “rework” such material to sell as my own work. But in this case I am simply selling on pre-owned pictures, like any other second hand article.

As time goes on I will expand this section to include slides, negatives and other sizes of print.

So keep coming back to see what is available in this “Bargain Corner”

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Fri, 13 Jan 2017 09:25:08 GMT
Settling In December dawns and over 12000 pictures on-line.

A new collection, just up, is much more varied than my previous stuff. Lots of shipping activity around both sides of the North Sea, memories of Coach holidays across Europe in the 90's as well as an assortment of railway adventures from the same time - including a fair number in the USA.

Still trying to get the aircraft shots (he's a busy man, young family and important job).

Had a guy showing interest yesterday - he has 4000 negatives, railway and lots of other transport stuff he wants to preserve.

Its "what I do" so I hope he follows through - and there is a BIG discount if he let's me put his pictures here.

Lots to look forward to, so keep coming back, and if you have a collection which may interest others get in touch and we can share the fun and the profit - and I do all the hard work!!

]]> (TOPticl Digital Memories) Fri, 02 Dec 2016 09:49:18 GMT
Just begun The first month is now over, of my 12000 photos I managed to get 11300 or so online. The rest still need some work to categorise them - mainly first generation DMUs and EMUs. I need to go through the Multiple Unit Recognition book to try and sort out the classes.

Waiting in the wings I have a new batch of 1000 shots taken between 1971 and 1978 - very much "Rail Blue" material - nearly 200 shots of WESTERNS in their declining years and lots of similar stuff - and yet more to come.

After that I have a collection of ships and buses which I have to catalogue, so maybe the New Year for those, and an album of Class 37's I am negotiating over.

In an attempt to make this an "all transport" site I am also negotiating with a renown photographer of aircraft to see if I can get his portfolio on this site.

So plenty to come. 

If you would like to see your collection here, and share the profits!! then follow this link (TOPticl Digital Memories) or visit me on Facebook

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Just the beginning Just beginning my Zenfolio adventure - too busy to write much here, I am sure there will be much to say soon, but for now, if you are interested follow this link (TOPticl Digital Memories) to see my back story. Or visit me on Facebook

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