To give you an opportunity to see the latest photos, without searching through the whole site I am putting the input from the last few weeks here. I will eventually move them off into their proper places. Also a couple of Galleries with some work in progress - trying to give proper classification to first generation units. Added in September over 1600 pictures - so this page is a mini version of the whole site with pictures split across multiple galleries.
I have now added a further 1000 pictures in October
Note as well that most of the September (and also October) galleries are taken from 35mm slides. If you want to buy the original slide then please get in touch (use the Contact tab - top right) and I will tell you if I still have it and give you a price).
November - small upload of some digital Ship photos
December (new) mixed bagDMUs unclassifiedEMUs unclassifiedNovember - Ships (New Zealand & Benelux)October - Coaches, MPD, Freight and other thingsOctober - DMUsOctober - Electric locosOctober - EMUsOctober - EuropeOctober - HSTOctober - ShipsOctober - Shunters & Type1sOctober - SteamOctober - Type 2 & 3 Diesel LocosOctober - Type 4+ Diesel LocosSeptember (new) Class 6x and Electric locosSeptember (new) coaches, freight etcSeptember (new) DMUsSeptember (new) EMUsSeptember (new) HSTSeptember (new) LT (tube) and foreignSeptember (new) Shunters,Type 1's and IndustrialSeptember (new) Stations/bridges/track  & MPDsSeptember (new) steam (preserved)September (new) Type 2 locosSeptember (New) Type 3 and 4 locosSeptember (new) Type 5 locos