March - The Beast from the East

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On Thursday 1st March the Beast from the East was blanketing Northern England and Scotland in ice and snow, Storm Emma was doing the same to South West and Southern England.
The weather map showed most of the country covered by yellow and red weather warnings, except for a corridor from Merseyside to southern East Anglia.
So I set off to the RCTS storage facility in Northampton and returned safely with a boot full of assorted boxes, binders and cases.
Many of the containers had not even had a rough count performed, so my first task was to give the RCTS a rough estimate of numbers.
My “guess” is that I now have about 14000 pictures, and my task is to scan and catalogue them.
The pictures have been initially designated into two categories. One category is for pictures which will be assessed for inclusion in the main RCTS Archive. The other category is called “for disposal”.
I have an issue with the term “disposal” – but that is a semantic discussion I will have one day with the RCTS Committee.
However I am taking them at their word and all of these will be given my “treatment” and offered for sale through the outlets I control.
I have already put 9000 similar pictures through my process. I think you may be interested in the next 14000 – or some of them at least.
So here is what I am doing:-
Each picture is scanned to a very high resolution. The scan is briefly examined and adjusted to ensure it is viewable. The details of the subject matter, from visual inspection and my knowledge, along with any accompanying details (writing on the slide holder) are all entered in my database. Various tweaks and adjustments are made to allow upload to my websites etc. For one picture this only takes a few minutes, but when we are talking about 14000 then the months ahead will be filled with this activity.
I am going to start a scheme whereby I upload details of these slides as I process batches of them.
They will appear here RCTS Slides on this page you will be able to buy the original slide or a copy of the picture in various formats. If you want a different size or format just let me know.
This page currently has 760 images, maybe more by the time you read this but it will be regularly updated – so keep checking back.
These are in addition to the 23000+ images already on the website – have a browse and see what you can find



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