Photo restoration

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

TOPticl Digital Memories is now in its tenth year and I have processed over 20,000 pictures sent to me by people wishing to preserve their photos and memories.

Most pictures are in good condition, but they also show signs of wear and deterioration. And often the ones in the worst condition are the favourites - as those are the ones most likely to have been handled the most.

My job has been to restore the photos to their original state (or better) and provide a future proof and secure digital copy. Not only is it easy to make duplicates I also store every photo here in multiple locations, so even of you lose your copies I can provide another.

If you want to save your collection before the fungus and damp gets to it then let me preserve it for you.

See the Restoration page on this site for some examples of the sort of thing I can do.

Look here and here for details of the service I provide, and get in touch.


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