Another New Year

January 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

2017 is already well under way. They come round so fast.

As ever I am still busy scanning and restoring images for my many customers. But I have realised that some of my customers and I have acquired lots of prints, slides and negatives that are now surplus to requirements – they are all now readily available as digital images, far more accessible.

But computers and screens are not for everyone. Many people still like the touch and feel of “real” photos, and many still crave for the 35mm slide format.

So to satisfy such people I am making these “hard” pictures available under the “Pre-Owned” section of my website.

Initially I am uploading a large batch of 6x4 prints. I am only offering prints which are as “near new” as possible, rejecting any torn, creased or damaged images (these will find their way into my main sections when I have restored them.)

Most prints will have writing or labels on the back from their former owners. Some will even have copyright statements. I always respect copyright statements and never “rework” such material to sell as my own work. But in this case I am simply selling on pre-owned pictures, like any other second hand article.

As time goes on I will expand this section to include slides, negatives and other sizes of print.

So keep coming back to see what is available in this “Bargain Corner”


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