September rushes by - web site revamped & 1600 new pictures

September 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Faced with a new batch of 3000 slides and several smaller collections I decided it was time to tidy up my behind the scenes systems. So I have spent some time doing an internal reorganisation and I have removed and re-uploaded all the pictures on this site. The look and feel is still very much the same but the internal structure makes my admin a bit easier. What do you think? Any suggestions for improvements will be carefully considered.

The reorganisation meant that all the pictures in the Latest Additions were moved to their proper places and thus it left me able to upload some of the latest batch in their place - so a quick link to these is here.

The 1600 new pictures have a mainly Scottish theme - lots of stuff from the 70's and 80's. Some Class 06 shunters and the short lived Clayton Class 17, as well as new HST's making their first appearances north of the border, plus lots of day to day workings.

There are also some shots of the last days of the Westerns (Class 52) plus the usual assortment.

Now that I have got to grips with my new structures hopefully future additions will flow a bit more easily.

So hopefully soon to come will be that last of this big batch (about 500 slides) - then I have 2 or 3 batches from my "ship guy" - Canada and Turkey being his latest submission. Then a further 400 slides - not even had time to take a peek. And then I have some stunning albums from a guy sadly no longer with us, but I have been promised his hard drive which means I don't have to scan.


September discount month

September 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Back from my holidays nice and relaxed. My in-tray is bulging, I reckon I have about 4000 pictures to process and categorise and then load up on to this site.

It's going to take a while as my admin system is groaning under the strain and needs a revamp.

It will take me a few weeks to get all this organised. So while you are waiting I thought I'd give you all a treat and I have lowered all my prices by 10%.

A limited offer as I will put the prices back up when I have finished my updates - so get in quick.

I'll let everyone know when the new photos are on-line, but if you check back regularly you may some before the "grand opening"


July - Part One

July 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Back from a week in Italy - coast to coast (Rapello to Venice) via train. Even the one day strike by rail workers failed to spoil it.

Took a few pictures which may appear here eventually, but much more to do first.

I am ploughing through the 3000+ slides I picked up just before my holiday, still a long way to go, but I thought you would all like to see at least some of them. So I intend to put up the first 800 or so in the next couple of days.

The slides all seem to be the work of one guy - looks like he was based in the South West as Exeter St Davids features heavily. But he also travelled a fair amount and liked the tram systems and preserved railways in Western Europe.

Unfortunately virtually none of the slides have any information apart from the date of processing stamped by the slide producer, so I have done a bit of research from the actual pictures (but if anyone can help extra information is always welcome)

For now I will upload into the Latest Additions area of the website where there will be 5 new galleries (UK Locos; UK units; Europe (old and new); HST (because I can!!) and O&S)

Not there yet - but soon

Busy, Busy, Holiday, Busy

June 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

June is nearly over. How time flies.

At the end of May and into June my latest contributor sent over lots of shipping photos, you can see them under the Latest Additions tab.

I also managed to sort out the remnants of the RCTS batch I received earlier this year. These are also on the Latest Additions tab under the May uploads - Europe and Switzerland.

Not much information was received with these slides so details are a little sparse. I have had a couple of offers of help, but if anyone else can contribute details I will be grateful.

Then a week off - flew to Nice and then took the train to hop across Italy to Venice. Photo opportunities a little limited, both by time and my skill but I may upload a few when I get a chance.

Then it is back to it - I collected a large batch of slides from the RCTS just before I went away. I am told there are about 4000 slides (but my guess is nearer 3000). I will tell you the final count when I eventually get them sorted.

I will start the process of uploading these pictures as I get through them. So keep an eye on the Latest Additions tab once more.

Early results show lots of 80's stuff - again details are sparse, so I will be looking for identification details.


Now you can see the Latest

April 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

March was a very busy few weeks for my digitising business (, over 1000 pictures received and most are now processed.

But it meant that I had to neglect this site a little.

Well I have now processed and catalogued over half of the March input, so I can start to get them available here for you to view (and buy :-).

To give you an opportunity to see just the latest pictures, I have created a "Latest Additions" page - see the menu at the top left of the home screen.

I will continue to add pictures to the Latest Additions throughout April - then maybe I will get a chance to move them to their proper places.

There is a distinct Scottish flavour to these additions. Lots of historic shots from the 60's and 70's, particularly of the closure of stations and lines that occurred around the time of Beeching.

The only new pictures that i have moved directly to the proper places are the continuing contribution of our Isle of Man resident. If you find the International Modern pages under "Heavy Rail" you will find his expanding contribution - plus a few in the appropriate Steam section. Not too many yet so easy to browse.

If you have a collection of pictures you would like to see in these pages then please get in touch.


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